Adult Health

We are pleased to offer a variety of adult health services.  We advocate for the client and are happy to act as a liaison for adults with health concerns.  We provide education services to the individual and to the community.
We provide home visits for clients.  If we are assisting with Medication review and set-up, we compile a medication list for the client that lists the medication along with the diagnosis so the client better understands why they are taking the medication.   We will communicate with the client’s medical providers to assure that everyone involved in the client’s health care is aware of any changes.
We also offer labs at a reduced price that are billed to the patient directly.
We provide an adult immunization program.  If a client does not have insurance, we have a list of pharmaceutical companies that we work with to provide vaccines free of cost.  For more information on our “Patient assistance program”, please contact the office.
Our office also has Family/Medical/Food Assistance applications for those who may need some help during difficult financial times. We are more than happy to assist you in filling them out and sending them off.

Services we provide include:

  • B 12 shots

  • Allergy shots

  • Immunizations

  • Blood Lead

  • Blood Pressure Check

  • Breast Exam & Education

  • Diabetic Consult & Education

  • Disease Process Education & Counseling

  • Dressing/Wound Change

  • Ear Wash

  • Ear/Throat Check

  • Foot Care (toenail trimming, callus removal, foot health)

  • Hearing Exam/Hearing Audiometer/Hearing Tympanogram

  • Height & Weight Check

  • Hemoglobin Check

  • Home Visit (for seniors who cannot get out of their home, $5.00 additional cost)

  • Labs (by appointment)

  • Medication Box fill/set up

  • Nurse Consultation

  • O2 Sat Reading

  • RX Injections

  • Skin/ Moles Check,

  • Stool Occult Blood

  • Suture Removal

  • TB Skin Test/Reading

  • Urine Analysis

  • Vision Screening

Please contact the office if desired service is not listed.